Backup Best Practices


Discover Datameer backup best practices. 


Refer to the following strategies for backing up your Datameer database.

Full backup of Datameer application database

A full backup of the application database allows you to recover from unexpected software or hardware failures, when there is high possibility to lose large amounts of Datameer metadata. This is also a prerequisite for upgrades or moving the Datameer installation. 

You could setup daily or hourly Datameer database backup, depending on your requirements. Refer to the  Installation Guide for more information.

Backup of artifacts

To protect yourself against accidentally deleted or changed artifacts, restoring the whole database from backup isn't the best solution, especially as you might lose work and data that has been added or changed since the most recent backup. 

Instead, Access Datameer via REST API to download artifacts (in JSON format) and store them. If someone deletes now a workbook, you can recreate it from the stored JSON file without touching other data. 

For more information about how to name downloaded artifacts, the Artifact Naming and Structure Best Practices article could be helpful.

Git Versioning Plug-in

For a more advanced option, use the Git Versioning plug-in.

This plug-in allows to use version control system Git to track changes in your workbooks and roll back changes.