How to Raise a Ticket

Please get familiarized with our recommendations for ticket creation and handling.

Datameer is a job compiler, it provides instruments aimed to resolve various tasks. Usually it operates in complex environments with different services installed, security levels and custom requirements. In order to be able to start investigation of an issue occurred in such circumstances, Datameer support team needs detailed clarification of the problem, appropriate log files and environment details. This allows us to save time from the very beginning and show up with solution as soon as possible.

To ensure that support team got all required information about the issue and your environment, we would suggest to provide the following details while raising a ticket:

  • Datameer version
  • Hadoop Distribution
  • Environment details
    • Security services (Kerberos, Sentry, Ranger, Encryption, SSL, LDAP).
    • High Availability enabled for Hadoop services.
    • Network configuration (Proxy, Load balancers, etc.)
    • Special restrictions, if any.
  • Impacted Datameer artifact details
    • How many artifacts are impacted?
    • Are there new artifacts or existing ones?
    • Custom properties, if any.
    • Purpose of an artifact.
  • Log files
  • Recent changes to an environment
    • Upgrade of Datameer or other related services (Hadoop, MySQL, etc.)
    • Unplanned restart or outage.
    • Network changes (e.g. ip/hostname)

Obviously, that some issues might require deep dive into the details and support should request more details. But basic information mentioned above will be a strong base for initial investigation.

General tips

  • Zendesk attachment size limit is 20 MB. If you need to upload more than 20 MB (e.g. huge log file), please ask a support agent to provide link to BOX shared folder.
  • If you would like to include a log snippet into a ticket and this chunk is big enough (>20 lines), we recommend attach it as a separate file. This lets to keep navigation through the ticket easy and convenient.