ExtensionNotFoundException: No extension with id <ID> found


Sometimes after upgrade or unexpected service failure (e.g. power outage) every attempt to submit job to a cluster results in the following error message: 

[system] ERROR [2017-02-02 17:29:44.029] [ClusterMetadataUpdater thread-1] (SingleThreadedController.java:125) - Error occurred.
datameer.dap.sdk.plugin.ExtensionNotFoundException: No extension with id 'DISTRIBUTED' found for ExtensionPoint[id=datameer.dap.common.entity.properties.GridMode]
    at datameer.dap.sdk.plugin.ExtensionPoint.getExtension(ExtensionPoint.java:122)
    at datameer.dap.sdk.plugin.ExtensionPoint.getImplementation(ExtensionPoint.java:143)
    at datameer.dap.sdk.plugin.ExtensionPoint.getImplementation(ExtensionPoint.java:152)

Instead of 'distributed' the error might point to 'secure' or 'local' ID.


The list of available cluster modes (grid ,odes) you could choose from menu on the Hadoop Cluster page is controlled by grid mode extension modes . These modes are available on the Extension Points page (Admin > Plug-ins > Extension Points).

This is the mapping between cluster mode and its ID (e.g. used in Datameer DB):

  • Embedded Hadoop = Local
  • Hadoop Cluster = Distributed
  • Kerberos Secured Hadoop Cluster = Secure

If an extension point is disabled, its corresponding cluster mode is unavailable. If an extension point for current cluster mode is disabled, it leads to an ExtensionNotFound error.


  1.  Go to Admin > Plug-insExtension Points.
  2. Ensure all grid mode extensions are enabled.
  3. Enable any disabled extension points by clicking the play button.


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