Activate a Datameer License Without UI Access


I need to activate a Datameer license, but UI is not available.


In case the Datameer UI is not available for some reason, there are alternative approaches to upload a license.


  • Ensure that Datameer is up and running.
  • Execute the following REST API call.

    curl -u <username>:<password> -X POST --form "file=@<license path>" http://<Datameer-server-address>:<port-number>/license/upload

  • The call should return an updated license status. If successful, the expected response is VALID.

Direct license file upload

The current license is stored as file license in /<Datameer service user home folder>/.datameer/ on the Datameer server. The file license is a base64 encoded version of the license.lic file.

To convert the initial license.lic and copy it to the target folder, use the following command: 

base64 /<License file location>/<license>.lic | tr -d '\n' > /home/<Datameer service user>/.datameer/license

Please note that this command has been tested on CentOS and might have different syntax on another OS.

  • Stop Datameer.
  • Convert the .lic file and overwrite the license file with the above command.
  • Start Datameer to let it pick up the updated license.