Datameer Workbook Tips for Excel Users

Datameer workbooks have some critical differences from Excel. When you work with data in the workbook view, you are working with a subset of the data to set up your analysis. Once you have set up your analysis, the job is run on the entire dataset on the cluster. Depending on the size of your data set, this could take awhile.


Other important things to note:

  • All commands in Datameer operate only on columns not on groups of cells.
  • The concept of an Excel Vlookup is a join in Datameer.
  • Some of the Datameer formulas are slightly different than those of Excel.


Other differences between Datameer and Excel:

  • There isn't a right-click menu available for individual cells in a Datameer workbook.
  • Numbers align differently in Datameer than Excel.


There are some differences in how sorting and filtering work in Datameer. 

  • You can't do custom sorting in Datameer or use case sensitivity. (Note: You can use functions for case sensitive data.) 
  • Sorting and filtering are separate in Datameer.
  • When creating a filter, the results are shown on the same page.
  • Filtering is done using a dialog box rather than using drop down arrows in each of the column headers.