How to Set Up a Connection to an Oracle/MSSQL Server with Windows Authentication


How to setup a Datameer connection to an Oracle/MSSQL server that uses Windows authentication?


The current implementation of a Microsoft JDBC driver doesn't allow for connection to a MSSQL server that uses Windows authentication (integratedSecurity=true) from Linux/Unix machines. Please refer to the article JDBC: This driver is not configured for integrated authentication for more details.

This limitation comes from Microsoft. However, the following workarounds might help establish the desired connection to a MSSQL database from Datameer.

Option 1. Use Kerberos Integrated Authentication. Please walk through the MS documentation below and related articles. In case of further questions, please get in touch with Microsoft support.

Option 2. Use an open-source JTDS driver instead of the Microsoft JDBC. Please refer to the article below that describes the steps required to install and use this driver. The driver is available for download at project web-page. Note that recent Datameer versions haven't been tested against this 3rd party driver.