How to Import the PostgreSQL Json/Jsonb Data Type


Since version 9.4, PostgreSQL offers a significant speedup when using the binary representation of JSON data - jsonb.

You might want to ingest data from tables that use this data type into Datameer.


At the moment Datameer doesn't support ingestion of json/jsonb PostgreSQL columns type and such data is excluded from import.


[qa]  WARN [2018-01-10 11:04:25.422] [qtp897697267-2630] ( - skipping column 'jsonproperty' from type 'jsonb' and class 'java.lang.Object'


As the workaround, you could try to export data from the table to a csv file and then ingest it into Datameer. In this case, JSON/JSONB values are imported as a STRING and you could leverage Datameer JSON functions to transform this data.

The way to export data from PostgreSQL table to a csv file is:

[database]# \copy <table_name> to '/path/<file_name>.csv' DELIMITER ';'