Datameer Power BI Connector: MS Azure Side Setup


In Datameer 6.3, a native connector is introduced that allows to export a workbook's data to Power BI using a standard export job artifact. Please refer to our PowerBI documentation for more details.


When you have a client (Datameer) that needs to access or modify resources (PowerBI), you must set up an Azure Active Directory (AD) application and assign the required permissions to it. Below you could find instructions on how to configure such application.


Required Configuration

  1. Register a new application in Azure portal. Azure Active Directory -> App Registrations -> New application registration.
    • Application type should be Native.
    • Redirect URI - should be provided by Azure portal administrator. You could use the standard one
    • Ensure that the application has an owner.
  2. Allow this application to connect to PowerBI. Application settings -> Required permissions.
    • Keep default permissions for Windows Azure AD.
    • Add permissions to the PowerBI Service - choose required access (one could select all for tests purposes).
  3. Activate the application using the URI below.

    • CLIENT_ID - Application ID.
    • TENANT_ID - Current tenant ID (could be picked up from the domain config file.)
    • REDIRECT_URI - HTML encoded Redirect URI mentioned in application settings. You can use any available encoder, e.g. this one.
    • PERMISSION - consent# (default) or admin_consent#

As soon the application is activated, you can proceed setting up the Datameer PowerBI connection.

Be aware that the instructions provided above have been tested on a standard MS Azure setup, please get in touch with your cluster administrator to find out correct settings or to get required permissions. Please also walk through MS Azure documentation.


Useful Notes

  • The MS Azure user who owns the application and is being used in the PowerBI connection settings should be licensed for the Power BI service. License users in Azure Active Directory.
  • The MS Azure user without Usage Location configured in their profile can't be licensed.