How to Convert a Date to a Quarter


I need to identify in which quarter a month falls into. How can I do that?


Use the function MONTH and see if it is 1-3 then Q1, 4-6 then Q2 and so on. 

DateColumn | MonthColumn | Quarter 
Mar 12, 2014 | MONTH(#DateColumn) | Quarter calculation

Example 1

Calculate the quarter with a nested IF ELSEIF solution.

IF(LT(#MonthColumn;3); "Q1"; (IF(LT(#MonthColumn;6); "Q2"; (IF(LT(#MonthColumn;9); "Q3"; "Q4")))))

To add the fiscal year put the string together.

CONCAT((IF(LT(#MonthColumn;3); "Q1"; (IF(LT(#MonthColumn;6); "Q2"; (IF(LT(#MonthColumn;9); "Q3"; "Q4")))))); "-"; YEAR(#DateColumn))

Example 2

A better approach might be the following formula utilizing QUOTIENT: