Datameer Log Basics

Log Types

Conductor Log

This is the application log for Datameer. If you are experiencing overall issues with Datameer, this would be the first log to check. It contains general information and errors regarding Datameer.

Download this log under the Administration tab under System Dashboard. Please note, you will need to have administrative access to this tab.

Job Log

This log follows specific job artifacts such as Import Jobs, Workbooks, etc. If you are experiencing issues with a specific job, this would be a good place to start. This log usually points in the direction of any errors.

Download the job log by right clicking on your Datameer artifact and select "Show Details".

 Next, you will want to select the job run under History. Click on the job ID number to get more details.

To download the job log, click Download Logfile under Job Log.

Job Trace

The Job Trace is a collection of files with data on a specific Datameer artifact (i.e. Workbooks, File Uploads, Export Jobs, etc.). The Job Trace includes the Job Log, along with other configuration files for the job. Additionally, if a job is failing, extra logs for the attempts may be stored here. The Job Trace will include the following:


To Download the Job Trace, follow the same directions as the Job Log, but instead, select Download Job Trace under Job Log.

Log Details

Here are different log levels you may encounter while reading your logs from Datameer.


These are system or services messages indicating what Datameer is doing, or tasks it is performing.


Possible abnormalities during activity or something different than what Datameer expects. Most of the time, it leads to the next line in the log (potentially errors). You may also see warnings when records are dropped during a job run.


When the system is no longer able to perform an intended task due to various issues. There is never one over arching reason for an error. Many things can cause an error. After an error, you will usually get a stack trace that provides more insight as to what actually caused the error.