SSH and FTP Connections Remain Open After an Import Job Completes Successfully


A server administrator identifies that SSH or FTP connections are remaining open indefinitely on hosts that Datameer is connecting to when importing data. 

On the Datameer application server, an administrator can reproduce this issue by following these steps:

  1. Setup an SSH Connection and Import Job that uses this connection
  2. Get a base line of current SSH connections on the target host (i.e. netstat -an | grep ".22 " | grep -c ESTABLISHED)
  3. Start an Import Job
  4. Verify that the SSH Connections increase
  5. Once the Import Job has completed, verify that the SSH Connections do not decrease back to the value before the Import Job started.
  6. Note that running more occurrences of the Import Job and the SSH Connections will continue to increase.
  7. Restarting Datameer will close all of these connections


This is a known defect in Datameer.


To work-around this issue, restart the Datameer application to close all stale network connections.

This issue is resolved in Datameer 4.5.5. Please check the Release Notes to verify that DAP-20916 has been resolved in other versions.