How to Configure MSSQL Connections Using Windows Authentication in Datameer


Using the JDBC driver provided by Microsoft, connections from a Linux client may not use Windows Authentication to connect to an MSSQL instance. 

I want to configure MSSQL connections using Windows authentication.


To work around this limitation, it may be possible to configure Kerberos authentication and to continue to use the JDBC driver provided by Microsoft. Alternatively, there is an available open-source driver named JTDS which can be used to configure Linux clients to connect to an MSSQL instance using Windows Authentication (without Kerberos).

For Java 1.6, the suitable JTDS driver is version 1.2.8 which is available for download. For further information and documentation about this driver, please consult the project page.

To add this driver to Datameer, follow these steps:

  1. Extract the included jtds-1.2.8.jar file from the file.
  2. Navigate to the Datameer Administration page and select the Database Drivers category from the left pane.
  3. Click New to add the JTDS driver.
    1. Provide a name such as "JTDS".
    2. Upload the extracted jar file from step 1.
    3. Select "MsSql" for the Database Driver Template. 
    4. For the driver class, input the following value:
    5. For the connection pattern, please use the following template:
  4. Click save to add the JTDS driver.
  5. With the driver added to Datameer, navigate to the Browser section.
  6. Create a new Connection. As the type, select "JTDS" from the Databases section and click Next. 
    1. Fill in the connection details using the template provided. Here is an example completed connection string:
    2. Specify the user and password. Click Next to test the connectivity.
    3. Assuming the connection was successful, save the new connection.

The newly added JTDS driver and connection are now ready for use.