GPFS Connection Error - NoInputPathFoundExeception


When trying to access data on GPFS, the following warning and error is observed in the conductor.log file:

WARN [2014-05-02 09:55:20] ( - Can not parse input sample: InputFormat: org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TextInputFormat,OutputFormat:,Location: gpfs:/path/to/my/hdfs/data


ERROR [2014-05-02 10:10:28] ( - Can not parse input sample

 datameer.dap.sdk.importjob.NoInputPathFoundException: Could not find any existing file for ...


The data that is being attempted to be accessed is owned by a user other than the user that runs Datameer. The user that runs Datameer is a member of the group 


The library file contained in the native/lib/Linux-amd64-64 directory is suspected to have a bug related to group permissions on GPFS.


Replace the library file with a newer version that does not contain the bug. Please consult with IBM Support for further information on the latest compatible library version.

For reference, the following library versions were noted:

Properly Accesses Group PermissionsFilenamemd5sum
No 5bbc10baf5061c31a75f444e7451bd0d
Yes c9abe71019eec513f0f861e93bee660f