Sheet Contains Errors - Preview does not exist



When attempting to access or make changes in a workbook you are receiving a similar error:


Sheet contains errors. 

Path hdfs://<hostname:port>/das/workbooks/<workbookid>/<jobid>/<SheetName>/preview does not exist.



Make sure that your source data is populating records. This error usually means that there is an upstream source that does not have data to create a preview. The key is the /preview at the end of this error. You may see similar errors to this that can be caused by different issues.





User reported issue with an error they were receiving in one of their workbooks (the workbook sheet names and error have been generalized as this is a actual reported issue):


In order to determine the issue with the source sheet (Problem_Sheet), check the Info for that sheet:



We can see that the Problem_Sheet comes from a workbook called PreviousWorkbook_2 and a sheet named Problem_Sheet2. Navigate to the upstream workbook to see if we are receiving any errors:



It looks like we are receiving the same error as the first workbook, so let's check the Info for this source sheet:


We know that the problematic sheet is coming from another upstream workbook called PreviousWorkbook_3. Navigate to this workbook to check for issues:


Same error as the first two workbooks. We will now want to check the Info for the Problem_Sheet3_Source since this is a linked sheet from another upstream workbook that feeds into Problem_Sheet3:


Now let's move upstream again to PreviousWorkbook_4, sheet name Source:


As you can see, this workbook is just a data source with a filter. There is no preview data in this workbook, which means that there is probably no data to fit the filter criteria. This workbook will not show an error because there isn't any issue with it, but it will give errors to all downstream workbooks since previews cannot be generated with no data.

Just to ensure there are no results for this workbook, we can check Full Results:

We can see that no records have been generated for this workbook, therefore we are getting an error downstream since there is no data to work with.