Operation fail if TMP has an absolute path


A Datameer environment with Smart Execution is connected to a Hadoop cluster (HDP2.1.2). Smart Execution is not working and generates error. 

Error message

ERROR [ConcurrentJobExecutor-2] (ClusterSession.java:231) - Failed to generate file for 'GroupByOperation[uuid=<id>]' [7 mins, 44 sec]
java.lang.RuntimeException: Job job_<id>_<id> failed! Failure info: NA
    at datameer.dap.sdk.util.ExceptionUtil.convertToRuntimeException(ExceptionUtil.java:38)
    at datameer.dap.sdk.util.ExceptionUtil.convertToRuntimeException(ExceptionUtil.java:30)

Troubleshooting steps

Check if Datameer settings are set correct in etc/das-env.sh for

export TMP=tmp

Review folders via

ls -al /tmp
ls -al /<datameer-install-path>/tmp


The setting for TMP in etc/das-env.sh was different from standard. 

export TMP=/tmp 


export TMP=tmp

The absolute path setting caused problems with Tez and SmallJob execution. The application expects the directory for temporary files within the Datameer directory structure and not under the root directory like /tmp. Therefore it was necessary to set an relative path. 


Correct the path variable for TMP. In this case remove the slash (/). Restart conductor.