Datameer for Windows - Error: The JVM could not be started


A Datameer trial installation under Windows is not starting. Where to find useful information or log files? 

Error message

The JVM could not not be started. The maximum heap size (-Xmx) might be too large or an antivirus or firewall tool could block the execution. 


Verify that 64-bit Java is installed in the environment. You can view the available Java installations directly from Oracle here: Java Downloads for All Operating Systems

Check the settings under


Adjust the value to the following for testing (if it is higher)


Note that the minimum requirement for Datameer are 1024m which is the default value. For further troubleshooting, you may attempt to start Datameer with a smaller value (i.e. 900m). However, Datameer may run into runtime issues due to insufficient memory space available. 

Gather further log files under


And there is a (possible hidden) folder 


Resolution or Workaround

If the Datameer environment is being used as a trial only, consider the online trial as an alternative to the locally installed trial. The online trial is accessible via a web-browser here:


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    Daniel de Grazia


    The notes above discuss "Adjust the value to both of the following (at separate times) for testing" but only one is shown. It looks like there is only one that is needed but I am interested if there might be another you would suggest. Adjusting heap size worked in that Datameer got further but eventually closed without getting beyond the splash screen. I am a total nube so it could be me!


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    Joel Stewart

    Hi Dan. Thank you for pointing out this inconsistency in the language. You are correct, only one value was recommended but it is likely too low. I have updated the article's language and the value from 512 to 900. Please try this as well.

    Technically, the minimum requirement is 1024 but it may be able to operate at only 900. If 1024 will not start successfully on a particular workstation, please use the online trial as an alternative to circumvent this requirement.