How to Collect Conductor Logs from the Datameer Server


I want to collect the conductor.log* from the Datameer server.


Datameer conductor.log* are very helpful when attempting to understand the application's behavior or any issues it may be facing.

Conductor logs can be found in two ways. 

Method 1: Capturing Logs Directly from the Datameer Server

Connect to the Datameer server and navigate to the <datameer-install-dir>/logs folder, which contains the conductor log files. Or you can gather and pack them compressed into one file via: 

tar -zcvf conductor.tar.gz logs/conductor.log*

Method 2: Capturing Logs from the Datameer User Interface (Limited Scope)

The second method is to access the log through the Administration tab in the Datameer UI. Navigate to the aforementioned tab and select Download Application Logfile in the Application Log section of the page:

Please note that the second method will only download the most recent iteration of the conductor.log*. If using the second method, please ensure that the issue is reproduced just before capturing the log files.

In some cases, we will need all iterations of the log file, in which case you will need to use the first method to gather all versions.

Please include these logs as an attachment to the support ticket when applicable.