LICENSE_HACKED: Data volumes in inconsistent state


Import jobs are not longer running but workbooks are still processed.

Error message

On the "Administration" tab under "License" there is at "Status" and "Data Volume Consistency" the error message / warning "Data volumes in inconsistent state"

Troubleshooting and Solution

There are a couple of methods to try. For both, please backup the Database first. 

1. Please make sure the conf/ has the correct database information. The script to run will use this property file.
2. run command: <DM_HOME>/bin//

If the above fails, use this:

1. Login to MySQL using the Datameer database
2. Run

UPDATE property SET value=(select md5(CONCAT_WS(",", count(*), concat(min(day),'.0'), concat(max(day),'.0'), min(volume), max(volume), sum(volume)))
FROM data_volume_summary)
WHERE name='license.volumeHash';

This is also documented at Update datavolume summary hash to consistent state


Tweak the data volume calculation by setting to daily via 


Fixed in future version

The cause of the issue seems to be fixed in a future version (> 5.2).