Browser Components Fail to Load Properly - Browser Appears to be Stuck


Some users experience issues with rendering some components of the Datameer server. Here are some specific issues that have been observed:

  • The Browser page does not load. The page hangs stating "Loading Browser Components..."
  • The Workbook edit page does not load. The page hangs stating "Loading Workbook Components"

These issues are observed by users that connect to Datameer using the short-name of the Datameer server. Users that connect to the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) of the Datameer server do not experience this issue.


Short-name: http://my-datameer:8080


To be able to narrow down the cause of this issue it is recommended to Collect the Network HAR File Logs from a Developer Tools Session and inspect the network trace. 


This is an environmental issue. Specifically, the network routing between the user and the Datameer server is only reliable when connecting to the FQDN of the Datameer server. 

In some environments, the network routing can be restricted by a VPN connection.


To work-around this issue, ensure that users are connecting to the FQDN, not the short-name, of the Datameer server. 

Another potential work-around is to add the following system property to the Datameer environment, i.e. conf/ file: