How to Collect All Datameer Server Logs


I want to collect all my Datameer Server logs at the same time.



There are instances when a request for all Datameer Server logs will be made. These logs can be found in the following location:


The optimal way to provide these logs would be via tarball format. Once navigated to the logs directory, the following command can be run to create such a tarball:

>tar cvzf <target-dir>/Datameer_Logs.tgz <DATAMEER-INSTALL-DIR>/logs

For example, the following command will create a tarballed file called Datameer_Logs, containing all Datameer Server logs, in the /home/temp folder:

tar cvzf /home/temp/Datameer_Logs.tgz <DATAMEER-INSTALL-DIR>/logs

Please include the created tarball as an attachment to the support ticket when applicable.