How to Collect the Network HAR File Logs from a Developer Tools Session


I want to collect network HAR file logs from a developer tools session.


In order to effectively troubleshoot any support issues you may be, at times, asked to provide a network HAR file from the Developer Tools section of Google Chrome or the preferred browser of your choice.

In this article, we will be reviewing how to capture a trace from Google Chrome.

In order to capture a network trace, begin by first opening the Developer Tools section of Google Chrome. This can be found by selecting the drop down in the upper right of the browser window (next to Settings) and navigating to More Tools > Developer Tools:

Once opened, navigate to the Network tab and perform the reproduction action that prompted the opening of the support case (ex. open the troublesome workbook). This will populate the network section of Developer Tools with the information necessary for support:

Once the issue is reproduced, right click anywhere in the Developer Tools pane and select Save As HAR with Content:

Please be sure to include this HAR file as an attachment to the support ticket.

Further Information

The similar is possible with Internet Explorer (IE). You can use the included Developer Tools to export a debug session into a file called NetworkData in XML format.