Adding a Filter Generates an Error: Formula contains syntax errors


After adding a new filter to a worksheet, the following error is displayed in the GUI: 

Formula contains syntax errors: #Mycolumn == “value”

Although subtle, note that the quote characters surrounding the value contain left and right slanted quote characters. 



This may be caused by the usage of left and right quote characters to surround the filter value. 

Within the context of Datameer, we specifically expect the unicode Quotation Mark character to surround a STRING value. However, it appears from your screenshots that the pasted output contains the unicode Left Double Quotation Mark and Right Double Quotation Mark characters respectively. 



To resolve this issue, edit the Filter using the Advanced tab and manually delete and re-type each of the quote characters that enclose the search term.

To prevent this issue from occurring, it is recommended not to copy-and-paste characters from another text editor. Instead, write the formulas directly within Datameer whenever possible.

If users prefer to use another text editor to create functions first, it is recommended to do so in a plain-text editor (such as Notepad for Windows) instead of using a rich-text editor (such as Microsoft Word or Wordpad) which support different fonts and styles.