How to Connect Datameer to a MapR Cluster with Zero Configuration HA for Resource Manager


This document explains how to connect Datameer to a MapR cluster that is configured with "Zero Configuration HA for Resource Manager". This document describes a work-around procedure that may be used until DAP-23447 is resolved. 


Follow these instructions to configure Datameer to connect to and utilize the Zero Configuration HA for Resource Manager. 


  1. Shutdown Datameer if it is running.
  2. Take a backup of the dap database.
  3. Execute the following SQL queries on the dap database:
    • INSERT INTO property (name, value) VALUES ('hadoop.yarnResourceManagerAddress','${yarn.resourcemanager.hostname}:8032');
    • INSERT INTO property (name, value) VALUES ('hadoop.yarnRmSchedulerAddress','${yarn.resourcemanager.hostname}:8030');
    • INSERT INTO property (name, value) VALUES ('hadoop.yarnResourceManagerWebAddress','http://${yarn.resourcemanager.hostname}:8088');
    • Note that these properties may already exist. In that case, use an UPDATE SQL command instead of an INSERT. Such as ("UPDATE property SET value = '<new_value>' WHERE name = '<name>';")
  4. Start Datameer. 
  5. Navigate to the Administration tab's Hadoop Cluster section and click Edit.
  6. Add the following values to the Custom Properties then click Save:
This configuration should automatically detect the active Resource Manager host from the MapR Zero Configuration HA cluster settings.