Dataset Not Found when Accessing Workbook or Infographic


When selecting a workbook or infographic the file is not found.

Error: RestException: DataSet <Code>== not found, possible deletion of DataSource.


Data dependent for the workbook or infographic has been removed.


No solution to deploy the file experiencing the error.

How to find which dependent data file is missing:

Decoding, within log files, the referenced dataSourceId or DataSet.

Usually they start with V0JLOy9Vc2Vycy....

The information about the referenced File Upload, Import Job or Workbook is stored as Base64 encoded

Decode by copying and pasting the encoded string into the command:

echo -n <string to decode> | base64 -D

Encoded string


Decoded string


Data structure

The data for the string is structured as follow:


For a referenced Workbook

  • WBK - Identifier for Workbook dataset
  • Path - in Datameer Virtual Filesystem
  • UUID - UID of Workbook
  • DataId - when „latest data“ then 0, when „historical data“ then DataId
  • Date - when „latest data“ then 0, when „historical data“ then the creation date
  • SheetId - the SheetId as UUID

For a referenced Import Job or File Upload

  • DS - Identifier for datasource dataset
  • Path - in Datameer Virtual Filesystem
  • UUID - the UUID of Import Jobs or File Upload

* Datasource datasets only support the latest data