How to Handle Updated Records in a Workbook


Handle the updated records in a Workbook when there is an Import Job that continuously appends when loading data.


1) Include the meta-column dasLastModified. This meta-column creates duplicate records that have different values on dasLastModified, but are different versions of the same record.

2) a) Create a sheet that does a GROUPBY on all the columns that comprise the primary key of a record. On the same sheet, for all the other fields, use the GROUPLAST function. The first argument is the column you want to display and the second argument is the dasLastModified column. These arguments display the most recent copy of the record.

b) Often database tables have columns such as last_modify_date and record_status (values of active or inactive, etc). These could be used in workbook logic to handle deleted records (filter record_status for active) and last_modify_date could be used instead of dasLastModified.