Error Executing Script - Path 'conf' to properties files does not exist or is not readable


When executing an upgrade of the Datameer database, the following error and stacktrace is returned:

[datameer@myhost /opt/datameer/current/bin]$ ./ 
Java 7 found
Executing upgrade script for Datameer

Detecting Datameer schema version from current database ..
Current database version is: 4.3.0
DeployMode: live
Exception in thread 'main' java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
at java.lang.J9VMInternals.ensureError(
at java.lang.J9VMInternals.recordInitializationFailure(
at datameer.dap.common.license.cb.getPreferences(Unknown Source)
at datameer.dap.common.license.v.b(Unknown Source)
at datameer.dap.common.license.v.(Unknown Source)
at datameer.dap.conductor.tool.upgrade.UpgradePreconditions.main(
Caused by: Path 'conf' to properties files does not exist or is not readable
at datameer.base.DatameerProperties.(
at datameer.base.DatameerProperties.initializeIfNorAlready(
at datameer.base.DatameerProperties.asImmutableMap(
at datameer.base.DatameerProperties.getProperty(
at datameer.dap.common.license.x.c(Unknown Source)
at datameer.dap.common.license.x.d(Unknown Source)
at datameer.dap.common.license.x.(Unknown Source)
at datameer.dap.common.license.cb$_b.(Unknown Source)
... 4 more



This is caused by executing the script directly within the <INSTALLDIR>/bin directory. 



To resolve this issue, re-run the upgrade script directly from the <INSTALLDIR> and preface the script with the bin directory:

[datameer@myhost /opt/datameer/current]$ bin/