Does the Application Store Any Data on The Client Side?


Datameer is a web based app. Does the application store (cache/temporary or permanent) any data on the client side? If yes, what data is being stored and for how long and how it's being protected?


Datameer preserves state information in the browser's localStorage for workbooks, including column view information (e.g., width, position, etc..). In the case of infographics, we also preserve revision states for undo/redo operations and prevention of losing unsaved changes when refreshing the browser page. At no point do we store actual data in the browser cache.

The timeframe of data storage is dependent on the browser's cache settings. As with any data stored in the browser cache, it cannot be accessed by other websites / applications, but is visible for anyone with direct access to the computer.

Further Information

You may also have a look into How to Configure Cache Control.