How to Recover or Change a Password


Restore a lost/forgotten password or change the password for either a Datameer user or administrator.



A user needs to restore a password:

No auto restoration process is available for a user to request a password. A user will need to get in contact with a Datameer administrator to request the password.

The Datameer administrator will open the User settings under the Administration tab. Select the user and update the user's password. A box can be checked to send the new password to the user via the email address listed for the account.



An administrator needs to restore a password:

If the administrator needs to update a password, they can do so using the steps listed above.

If an administrator is unable to log into Datameer in order to update the password, the following steps can be taken to reset the password through property files.

To reset the admin user password in the property files:

  1. Open the Datameer file: 
  2. Remove comment tag on: # export ADMIN_PASSWORD_RESET=true
  3. Restart Datameer using property --resetPassword
  4. When Datameer has restarted, the administrator user's password will be reset to the default as written in the file.
  5. Enter this default password to log into Datameer.
  6. The admin user's password may then be changed to a new unique password in the user account settings as described above.
  7. When complete, go back to the file and comment the line back in so the password will not revert to the default upon restarting Datameer.