How to Download a Trial Version of Datameer

Thank you for searching Datameer Support regarding a Trial Edition.


To get familiar with the application fast, a trial or demo version would give you an easy and fast insight how powerful the Datameer Analytics Solution (DAS) is. 


External dependencies and plug-ins makes it necessary to pack Datameer for each of the Supported Hadoop Distribution separately. Also, by using a local trial version you would not be able to connect to an external cluster and deploy jobs or data to that cluster. It would come with his own embedded single node Hadoop instance. 

Therefore we provide a Free Online Trial to which you can sign-up or log-in easily. By doing this it will not be necessary to install anything on your system. Just use an actual Browser for access. You will also find several Demo Applications available there. 

If you are interested in an Enterprise Version to connect to a cluster or your own data, you may contact our sales department for an evaluation.