How to Gracefully Shut Down Datameer to Perform Maintenance


At times, Datameer might need to be stopped or shutdown in order to perform maintenance on various system services.  



Steps to complete a graceful shutdown of Datameer:

  1. Pause the Job Scheduler located under the Administration tab in Datameer.
  2. Wait for current jobs to be marked as completed.
  3. When all jobs have been completed, use the "stop" command on
  4. After the Datameer application has been stopped, preform needed maintenance.
  5. With all maintenance completed, resume Datameer using the "start" command on
  6. Under Datameer's Administration tab, resume the Job Scheduler. 


If a maintenance is needed sooner than the time it takes all jobs to complete, during step #2 the administrator can elect to force cancel current jobs.