How to Collect the YARN Application Logs - Manual Method


This article describes a manual method for collecting YARN Application logs if log aggregation is not enabled. The automated and recommended method is outlined in this article: How to Collect the YARN Application Logs


Follow the steps in the above article to identify the Application ID for the affected job. Once the application ID is known, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Resource Manager UI then find the application ID and click on the link.

2. Click on the Logs button for the Application attempt.

3. For each of the log files displayed, open the full log and then save the file. Ensure that the syslog, syslog_dag, stdout, and stderr files are captured at a minimum.

This concludes the steps to collect the logs for the Application Master. In addition, there might be other containers that were created to execute this particular application. The same logs might be required to be collected from any failed or suspect containers as well.