Datameer Maintenance Policy and Schedule


Datameer EOM Policy


  1. Major releases are maintained for two (2) years minimum after the GA of that release or six (6) months after the GA date of the following major release (whichever is longer).
  2. Minor releases are maintained for nine (9) months minimum after the GA of that release. 


Standard Extensions


In the event that a minor release GA date is less than nine (9) months before the EOM date for the associated major release, maintenance for the associated major release will be extended until nine (9) months after the GA date of this minor release.


In the event that the latest minor release GA date is more than nine (9) months ago and the associated major release GA date is less than two (2) years ago, the minor release will still be maintained until the end of the major release or the next minor release whichever comes first.  


This table shows end-of-maintenance dates up to twelve (12) months ago and into the future.


Definition of Maintenance


Active customers may open tickets with Datameer's Technical Support team for support. Datameer's Technical Support will also assist active customers with upgrading to a maintained release.


Maintenance also includes software updates for bug fixes, and security vulnerability resolutions. Bug fixes will be made to maintained Minor Releases only. Security vulnerability resolutions will be made available in all maintained Minor Releases. 


Security vulnerabilities and severe bugs will be repaired in a Maintenance Release. All other bugs will be repaired in future Major or Minor releases.


Technical support for out of maintenance releases may be requested in the Datameer Community.


Definition of Terms


Major Release - Version number X.0.0 : where X changes.

Minor Release - Version number x.Y.0 : where Y changes.

Maintenance Release - Version number x.y.Z :where Z changes.

End of Maintenance (EOM) - The last date a particular release will be maintained. This includes bug fixes and security patches. 

General Availability (GA) - The date that a product was released to all customers.

Active Customers - These are customers with valid and active Maintenance and Support contracts with Datameer 

Severe Bug - A software defect where no work-around is available that severely limits operation within a production environment.

Security Vulnerability Bug - A software defect that produces a weakness that could allow an attacker to compromise the integrity, availability or confidentiality of Datameer.


Maintenance Schedule


EOM Date
Datameer 7 (Major) 2020-05-02
Datameer 7.5 (Minor)
Datameer 7.4 (Minor) 2019-11-04
Datameer 7.2 (Minor) 2019-05-17
Datameer 7.1 (Minor) 2018-12-13
Datameer 6 (Major) 2018-09-12
Datameer 5 (Major) 2017-11-19

Versions not listed above are no longer maintained by Datameer.