How to Prioritize Jobs Within Datameer


Learn how to prioritize jobs submitted by Datameer to a Hadoop cluster.


Depending on whether or not you are using impersonation, you can employ one of the following mechanisms.

Without Impersonation

If not using impersonation, users can set the scheduling of jobs for specific cluster queues at either a global or per job level. To do this on a global level:

  1. Open the Administration tab in Datameer.
  2. Select Hadoop Cluster from the side menu
  3. Depending on your preferred Executiuon Framework, add the following property in the Custom Properties space:<cluster queue name> 
    mapreduce.job.quename=<cluster queue name>

With Impersonation

Datameer users that are running impersonation don't need to set any scheduling properties in Datameer. Jobs coming from Datameer will already be labeled and all configuration for the queues are made on the Hadoop cluster itself.