How to Move Datameer cache/dfscache to Another Location


Address where space on the file system and disk is used, as well for performance. 

For moving the location from <datameer-install-path>cache/dfscache to an other point according the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS), proceed as follows.


  • Stop the  Datameer service, if already running.
  • Change in the value for localfs.cache.root from the relative default path ${localfs.temporary-files}/cache to the new absolute path  /var/cache/datameer Objects will than be created outside the Datameer installation folder. 
  • Start the Datameer service.
  • Open a Workbook.
  • Recognize that the workbook-previews are now created under the new cache location.
  • Double check under http://<host>:<port>/dev/caches?cacheName=dfsCache that Disk Store Root Path is set to /var/cache/datameer/conductor.