How to Troubleshoot Connection Setup to Google Analytics


Learn how to troubleshoot connection setup to Google Analytics if there is a bottleneck with the redirect back to the web server.


Check your network configuration and make sure that is whitelisted. 


  1. Access the OAuth Playground.
  2. Select Google Analytics API v3.
  3. Click Authorize APIs to sign in with a Google account.
  4. Enter an account which has already access to Google analytics.
  5. On the next screen which presents Google OAuth 2.0 Playground would like to: click Allow access.
  6. Click Exchange authorization code for tokens. Check here if you are able to get the toke.
  7. If the above call takes you to Configure request to API step, pick any operation from List possible operations and click Send request. (It doesn't matter which response you get in this step, we just want to establish connectivity)
  8. This completes the whole OAuth2 mechanism.

Further Troubleshooting

If using Google Chrome, a utility called chrome://net-internals is available which can be used to troubleshoot connectivity issues. It displays all networking related information. Use this to capture network events generated by the browser and to view DNS host resolver cache. You can also export this data.  

One of the important feature in this feature is Test. If a URL failed to load, you can go to chrome://net-internals, click on Tests tab, type that URL which failed, and click on Start Test, which does some testing and reports to you why that URL failed.