How to Monitor if a Datameer Service is Running and Accessible


After integrating Datameer into an enterprise infrastructure, monitor if the Datameer service (through the embedded Jetty web server) is up and running.

Learn the best way to integrate in Nagios, Cacti, Munin, Zabbix ect.


Use the watchdog URL:

curl 'http://<host>:<port>/watchdog'

That URL uses no complex logic and returns only the current date. You can compare it against

date +"%a %b %d %T %Z %Y"

If a date is returned, then the Datameer service is running and accessible.

In a script such call could look like the following example: 

TIMESTAMP="$(curl -s -k "https://`hostname`:8443/watchdog")" && echo $TIMESTAMP

Note that the localization, as well the timezone configured for the Datameer service and on the client needs to fit together. 

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