Datameer Launched Under Root or Another Incorrect User


If Datameer is accidentally started under wrong user, such as the root user, the following error occurs and the application could be unavailable for use, due to a license issue.

[system] ERROR [<timestamp>] [DataTrackingService thread-1] ( - Error occurred. java.lang.IllegalStateException: License invalid: License Certificate has expired!

Additionally, ownership of set of files is changed to a new user and access issues could occur if you try to start Datameer under the correct account.


  1. Stop Datameer
  2. Change ownership of all related files and folders to Datameer service account using the chown command:
    chown -R <datameer account>:<datameer account group> <required location>
    This command checks the following folders:
    • Datameer installation
    • Log files (if default location was modified)
    • Temporary (default location /tmp/datameer)
    • Cache (if modified /var/cache/datameer)
  3. Open the <datameer-install-folder>/etc/ file, uncomment the below parameter and set it to the Datameer service user. This action allows you to remove the ability to start the application from another user.

    # The user that the application should be started at. It is recommended to uncomment it and set it to a specific user of your choice
    export DAS_USER=<Datameer service account>
  4. Start Datameer under correct user and verify that you are able to use it as expected.

Note! You might need to restart Datameer server in order to get the functionality back.