Business Impact Descriptions and Examples

Business Impact Descriptions

Severe: Datameer is entirely unusable for all users. The situation completely halts your business operations and no workaround exists.

High: Datameer functions partially. The situation is causing a significant impact to your business operations and no workaround exists.

Moderate: A problem that involves partial, non-critical loss of use of the software.

Low: A general usage question, reporting of a documentation error, or recommendation for a future product enhancement or modification. There is low-to-no impact on your business or the performance or functionality of your system.


Example 1: Datameer is offline and no user can login. The Datameer administrator has attempted to restart Datameer, but it remains inaccessible for all users. 

This example is a Severe impact. 

Example 2: When configuring a new artifact (i.e. an Import Job), the setup or first execution of this artifact fails.

This example is a Moderate or Low impact depending on the use case that is being created. 

Example 3: An existing artifact (i.e. a Workbook) that has been running successfully in the past is now failing to execute successfully. Successful execution of this artifact is crucial to the business. 

This example is a High impact.