How to Implement GROUP_FILL_DOWN Functionality


Learn how to fill down rows in a group in a workbook.


The attached the JSON definition of a workbook implements the functionality of GROUP_FILL_DOWN step-by-step. 

You can upload it as described in REST API - Create Workbook.

For quick reference, the steps are noted here:

  1. Upload the data set in /Analytics/Test.
  2. On the Data worksheet, use GROUPBY(#Name),GROUPBY(#Account), and (depending on your source) GROUPROWNUMBER() to implement a group sort key. 
  3. Duplicate the worksheet and name it PostProcess
  4. GROUPBY(#Data!Name), and GROUPMAX(#Data!Account)
  5. Create a new sheet called JoinedSheet with:
  • An inner join on Data/Name and PostProcess/Data
  • Columns Data/Name and PostProcess/Account