Adjust Datameer configuration directly in database


Sometimes it is required to change Datameer configuration without touching UI. For example, to adjust Hadoop cluster settings automatically (e.g. when an FQDN has been changed) or prepare complete configuration prior an installation.


All configuration settings you could set in Datameer UI are stored at database table called property. Parameters' names are quite self-explanatory.

  • You may use direct calls to database to change required parameters.
  • Datameer restart is required to apply new settings.

  • In case it is needed to set parameters before installation process, you may amend standard create-tables.sql script, which is included into Datameer installation package, located at /<Datameer installation folder>/bin/ and required to create initial DB structure.

Please note that making configuration changes directly in Datameer database is not recommended for Production environments.