How to Use Date and Time Functions to Load Partitioned Data


Achieve more flexibility on loading and filtering partitioned data. Choose not only data for a certain period, such as a day or a range, but for more specific conditions as well - such as data for particular day of the week or the month. 


General Approach

  1. Choose simple partitioning while ingesting a dataset (e.g. in import job)
  2. Open a new workbook
  3. Use our Date and Time Functions in advanced Filter by Partitions to choose required records

Step-by-step example

In this example, you extract all data from the Mondays of March workbook.
    1. Partition data by Day, while loading dataset into Datameer.
    2. Create a new workbook.
    3. Use the following expression in advanced Filter by Partitions to load March Mondays data only.
         WEEKDAY($partition) == 1 && MONTH($partition) == 3
    4. In this example, WEEKDAY function is applied to whole dataset in order to pickup only Mondays (1), as well as MONTH function to get data for March (3).