How to Retrieve Information About Datameer Users


Get a list of Datameer users.


Datameer could be configured to use either Internal Authentication, when all user accounts are created and maintained locally or External Authentication, when the list of users and their attributes are stored in external database, e.g., LDAP. Please refer to the Configuring Authentication section of Datameer documentation for more details.

There are two tables in the Datameer database that store the main information about accounts that have access to the application:


  • user - Contains information about Datameer users that are local or added from an external authenticator (e.g., LDAP).
  • authenticable_group - Contains information about authenticable groups provided by an external authenticator (e.g., LDAP) and added into Datameer.


An administrator could add users, provided by an external authenticator, one by one or using authenticable groups. In the first case, a user receives a role and is stored in the user table. In the second case, a role is assigned to a whole group and saved in the authenticable_group table. Note that users added via authenticable groups aren't displayed in the Users section under the Admin tab or in the database. 

The following steps help to retrieve information about Datameer users. 

  • Step 1. Get a list of local Datameer users and/or those added from the LDAP database individually.
select * from user;


  • Step 2. Get a list of LDAP groups whose members have access to Datameer.

select * from authenticable_group;


  • Step 3. Work with an external authenticator database to get a list of users that belong to groups picked up in step 2.