How to Uninstall Datameer


Understand how to uninstall Datameer on your environment.


From a technical perspective, Datameer is a job compiler that compiles jobs and sends them to a Hadoop cluster for processing. To install Datameer, it isn't required to perform any changes to the local OS (copy files, etc.), as the distributed package already contains all of the required components. Thereby there is no special uninstall procedure. In case you would like to stop using the Datameer service on your environment, you can simply shut the process (Datameer) down.

Datameer files:

  • All Datameer data, by default, is stored in the installation folder, unless you configured something else, e.g., moved logs, temp, or cache to some standard location, configured at an OS level, e.g., /var/log/, /var/cache/, or /tmp/.
  • All Datameer meta-data is stored in Datameer in the MySQL database.
  • On the Hadoop cluster, Datameer data is stored in the Datameer private folder in HDFS.
  • The Hadoop cluster configuration might contain properties related to Datameer (e.g. hadoop.proxyuser.<datameer service user>.groups)

Steps to uninstall the application:

  • Stop the Datameer service.
  • Ensure that the service has been stopped (no Datameer processes are running).
  • If needed, make backups.
  • Remove the Datameer installation folder.
  • Remove the Datameer database from the MySQL instance.
  • Remove any logs, cache, tmp files, and folders you configured outside of the Datameer installation folder.
  • If the Datameer instance was connected to a Hadoop cluster and its data isn't required anymore, remove the Datameer private folder from HDFS.


Any additional steps should be handled according to your internal procedures.