How to Save Datameer Configurations as HTML


The ability to save custom environmental details contained within Datameer's admin page as HTML documents.  


When working with representatives from Datameer, it might be important to communicate the custom parameters as configured in your Administration page. Providing the content as an HTML document results in a clean and easily digestible format for the assisting representative to work from. 
  1. Log into your Datameer GUI from an account that possesses Administration rights.  
  2. Navigate to the Admin tab and expose the requested section by clicking on the associated link. 
    • For example, options include "Authentication", "Hadoop Cluster", "Plug-ins".
    • Note: when selecting from available options, ensure you have fully exposed all of the content. For example, "Hadoop Cluster" has an "Edit" button to press that expands the configuration options.
  3. Right-click anywhere on the white space along the right hand side of the screen and select "Save as"
    • Web browsers can vary, but for Google's Chrome you have two format options in which to save; "Website, HTML Only" and "Website, Complete".  
    • Select "Website, Complete" to include all of the styling and full configuration detail.
  4. Open the file to verify it contains the required details. If successful, it should look identical to the page as it exists in Google Chrome.
  5. Provide saved HTML file to the requesting Datameer representative.