"No Matches Found" in Table Drop-down During Data Link Creation


After selecting a database during a Data Link creation, the Tables drop-down shows 'No Matches Found'. When attempting to access the database from the command line, you are able to list all tables without an issue.


With Secure Impersonation in Datameer 6.3 and prior, the Datameer service account is used to connect to the database and retrieve the list of tables. This behavior was enhanced with the new feature Secure Impersonation on Datameer Without Super Group Requirement starting in release 6.4.


Ensure that the Datameer service account belongs to all necessary groups controlling access to the databases and underlying tables that are required for access.

An easy way to guarantee a user has access is compare the groups for that user against the Datameer service account to verify that the service account belongs to the same groups.