Configure Git Versioning Plug-in After Datameer Upgrade


Better understand how to configure the Git Versioning plug-in after a Datameer upgrade.


  • When you configure this plugin via the UI, Datameer checks if the mentioned repository is empty and proceed further only if this is true.
  • Request Snapshots of File Browser Artifacts flag allows you to take a snapshot of all currently existing artifacts and add them into a new repository.
  • The backend configuration of the Git Versioning plug-in is stored in the <Datameer installation folder>/conf/plugins/plugin-versioning-git.json file.
  • In case, after the upgrade, a directory where the repository is located remains the same, you should only copy the plugin-versioning-git.json file to a new version to retain the plug-in configuration (please copy it before starting Datameer).
  • If there is need to change repository location, you could use one of these approaches:
    1. Create new repository, configure Git Versioning plug-in via the UI, stop Datameer and clone the old repository into a new one.
    2. Stop Datameer, change the repository path in existing the <Datameer installation folder>/conf/plugins/plugin-versioning-git.json file and start the service.

Example of plugin-versioning-git.json file:


Please note that the Request Snapshots of File Browser Artifacts option will work only when it has been set via the UI. But if you are going to use an existing repository, there is most likely no need for this feature as the artifacts snapshot are already in the git database.