FormulaBuilder functionality is different with the SQL Sheet Beta enabled.


Understand the behavior of the FormulaBuilder after enabling the SQL Sheets (Beta) feature in Datameer 7.1.


Datameer engineers are working on improving the SQL Sheet FormulaBuilder, which is expected in one of the upcoming major releases.

Currently the following changes occur when the SQL Sheets option is enabled.

1. When a Workbook is created with no data source, the FormulaBuilder is disabled due to the fact that a Sheet type has not yet been defined. To enable it the user can create a new SQL Sheet. This enables the FormulaBuilder and the user can create new Sheets, then use the FormulaBuilder as usual. Datameer engineers have improved this in Datameer 7.3 - If there are no sources added into a Workbook, the first Sheet will have the Formula type by default and the FormulaBuilder will be enabled right away.

2. The appearance of FormulaBuilder has changed. When a new Formula Sheet is created, the FormulaBuilder is available on the right side inspector panel. The user can either pick a formula from the list and then edit a syntax template or start typing directly into the formula box and use the auto-complete functionality.

Please keep in mind that SQL Sheet feature and the new FormulaBuilder is currently in beta, so some components may not work as expected and full functionality is not available yet.