Hive Export Job stopped replacing data after upgrading off of 6.1.


After the upgrade from 6.1 to 6.4 or 7.1, Export Jobs that use the Hive1 Connector and are configured to replace data stop removing the results of their previous executions and actually append data.



There were changes in the Metadata for ExportJob configurations, that affected the retention and replacement policies. ExportJobs based on the Hive1 Connector were not updated, which caused this change in their behavior.



If the number of impacted ExportJobs is relatively low, it is recommended that the user step through the configuration dialog, and manually reconfigure the replacement policy, then re-save the artifact. After the ExportJob re-runs, it will remove the results of all previous executions.

If manual reconfiguration of the impacted ExportJobs is not acceptable, Datameer support can provide a script that handles the correction from the back-end.  To obtain this script, please raise a ticket.

Datameer engineering is working on a permanent fix which is being tracked and reviewed under  the internal identifier DAP-37168.