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I have 3 table import jobs(Oracle Source) A.imp, B.imp and C.imp all these are used in workbook WA.wbk.

Now the source table A.imp needs to be changed to D.imp(New one) where we dont have exact match with table name and columns as well.

Do I need to develop the workbook newly? or we have any shortcuts?

Veerabhadra S

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    Konsta Danyliuk

    Hello Veerabhadra.

    Usually, if you want to replace Workbook's source (e.g. Import Job) and it's structure (Column names and Data types) matches with a new one - it should automatically pick up the data from new source.

    But, if there are major differences between datasets, I'd recommend to re-create the Workbook.

    Some very simple logic might still work, but I expect failures for more complex functions.

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