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I am curious if there is an app, plugin, or Datameer function available to alert via email when an attribute has hit a certain threshold.  For example, right now we are using Datameer for data replication from one data source to another.  We are currently monitoring it by building out a table with snapshots of daily Count & CountD of IDs between the source and landing system.  Is there a capability to create an email alert if the CountD for IDs  is outside of one standard deviation?

Mario Guerrero Iii

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    Joel Stewart

    Mario, one strategy that you could use would be to setup a dedicated workbook that does the calculations you are interested in (i.e. if the CountD for IDs is outside of one standard deviation). Using the workbook, you would create a filter that would produce a single row of output if and only if your condition is met. If the condition is not met, there is no output for the workbook. 

    Then you could setup a standard email notification for that workbook. In the body of the email, you'll be told the number of results in the workbook. If it is 1, then you would be able to trigger your alert. If it is 0, you would know that the processing was checked but the alert should not be triggered. 

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